This breakup served as the catalyst for Matt getting his sergeant exam, as he was dissatisfied with his professional progress. Detective Senior Constable Allie Kingston (Nadia Townsend, 47 episodes, seasons 3–5) is a member of Homicide. Simon is an experienced detective, having joined the squad before the pilot episode. [1], City Homicide did not return in its regular format in 2011. He possesses a slightly immature personality, and is occasionally reprimanded for not taking cases seriously. A young business woman is brutally raped and murdered in her own home. The season 3 DVD included the first eight episodes of Season 4, while the season 4 DVD included the remainder of season 4 episodes plus the six-part mini-series No Greater Honour. [3] The mini-series guest-starred Claire Van Der Boom, Marcus Graham, John Howard, and Graeme Blundell.[4]. Sparkes' team is supplementary to Stanley's, and his squad is often assigned to paperwork and more mundane investigations, thus associating a stigma to being on this squad. A champion runner, Allie joined the police force to escape the overbearing clutches of her mother, who has not spoken to her in years. Duncan Bew, the clinical lead for trauma and emergency surgery at King’s, wonders whether these advances have the effect of downplaying just how bad knife crime in the capital has become. Rhys does later prove himself a skilled detective and a very loyal member of the team, although is next to useless in any sort of physical situation. The data is based on the five Metropolitan markets only. None of the main characters appear in all episodes, as periods of leave and rostered days off are incorporated into each character's appearances. That’s a good thing but quite a few storylines have implausible “aha” moments. Season two has been split into two parts as season two aired in two television seasons. Sparkes is married to an unfaithful wife, Lorraine, who carries on an affair with Simon throughout the first half of season one. As a boss, Jarvis maintains frosty relationships with most of his team, particularly Duncan and Allie, and can be quite condescending, as exemplified by his use of the term "boys and girls" to refer to the Homicide squad. City Homicide Season Four, Episode Nineteen, Ties That Bind Original Air Date: November 10, 2010 ... Grace will not admit to something she says she did not do. Added to the team in the season three premiere, Allie immediately steps on the toes of Simon, and the two share a tense relationship until his departure. That warning was triggered after reports of at least 10 stolen vehicles in the city in just one month’s time. But as evidence suggest the driver was dead hours before the accident, Allie and Duncan find themselves investigating a mysterious double homicide. To solve this case Duncan will have to work closely with Jarvis . "Why local cop shows are losing the beat",,, The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill and His Best Friend Corky,, 2011 Australian television series endings, Short description is different from Wikidata, Use Australian English from September 2013, All Wikipedia articles written in Australian English, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, The Complete 4th Series & No Greater Honour Mini Series, This page was last edited on 4 January 2021, at 23:43. In spite of this, she demonstrates a compassionate and protective demeanour, particularly in relation to cases with children. Homicide has two days to build a case. S4, Ep10. Beaten senseless. ^ Episode six was broadcast on Monday 24 September in Sydney and Brisbane as per usual but was broadcast in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth on Wednesday 26 September due to the broadcast of the 2007 Brownlow Medal count. The series' co-writers are John Hugginson who has previously worked on Water Rats, Murder Call and Blue Heelers, and John Banas who has written for All Saints and Stingers in addition to Water Rats and Blue Heelers. In the pilot, Sparkes finds out about this indiscretion and threatens to tell Stanley, whose highly religious nature makes him unlikely to sympathise with Simon; however, he sustains a heart attack before he can tell Stanley. People leave flowers and messages for the couple who were beaten here in Duncan B.C. Sergeant Karen Hatzic (Louise Crawford, seasons 1–3) is a uniform police officer often assigned to the day-to-day duties related to Homicide investigations, such as retrieving files, guarding suspects and witnesses and coordinating canvasses and doorknocks. City Homicide (2007–2011) Episode List . In the Hands of Giants (1) 27 August 2007 27 Aug 2007. The Drug Squad told Duncan that the charges against her would go away if she would wear a wire to help catch the Drug Dealers. Created by John Banas, John Hugginson. Everything seen from City Homicide? Jim Conway, a fugitive, is arrested by the Homicide team lead by Matt and Duncan and brought back from London to Australia to face charges for the murder of model Suzanne Fendleton. In 2014, the city recorded 87 homicides. This has also been the reason why The First 48's production staff has had to leave cities, too. Senior Sergeant Stanley Wolfe refused to let Duncan be a part in this. He holds a Master's in psychology from Oxford University, which brings about his nickname "Oxford", and his job in Homicide is his first-ever position in the police force. This list includes all of the The Closer main actors and actresses, so if they are an integral part of the show you'll find them below. Claire was arrested when a large quantity of the drug Ice was found on her. Claire is later arrested for drug possession and is placed in a sting operation in exchange for the charges being dropped, but is killed in the process, which deeply saddens Duncan. 3AW today reported that City Homicide has been axed. The following table shows the weekly ratings for the series. Wishing Nadine and the rest of the City Homicide best of luck in the future. The Reds have dismissed the allegations, describing Rubie’s comments as ‘unfounded allegations’. François John Shurie, 37, died that night. A direct replacement for both Simon and Matt (after he becomes a sergeant), Rhys is a well-educated but inexperienced officer. Duncan said that Claire would not participate in this unless he was in on it. Commander Bernice Waverley (Noni Hazlehurst, 77 episodes, seasons 1–5) is the undisputed boss of Homicide. Matt rushes out the hospital with Duncan hot on his tail since he discovers Jen is pregnant with nicks baby, as they reach the entrance of the hospital, Duncan stops matt and he decides to approach the subject of why matt is unhappy about Jen. The prime suspect has a rock-solid alibi and will leave the country in 48 hours never to return. At 15 months old, Carmelo Duncan is the District’s youngest homicide victim in what has been the deadliest year in 15 years. 02. 3 September 2007 3 Sep 2007. Although he is a competent detective, Matt struggles greatly with authority, and is often inadvertently undermined by the team. Josh Waverley (William Jarratt, seasons 1–2) is the teenage son of Bernice.