Parents. It is one of the original nine British "Clarendon" public schools as investigated by the 1861 Clarendon Commission.However, The School successfully argued that it was a private school and consequently … The school’s purpose is to provide an education suited to girls of outstanding intellectual potential and in selecting candidates, we take great care to gather as much information as we can on which to base a sound judgement. ENROLLMENT OF THE STUDENTS 2018 - 19. Welcome to St Paul’s Secondary School Omnibus Omnia – all things to all . St. Paul’s Girls' School is a National school for girls situated in Milagiriya, Colombo 05. Telephone: 020 7248 5156 Fax: 020 7329 6568 Email: … Media Showcase. Parents' Evenings . St Paul`s Cathedral School 2 New Change, London EC4M 9AD. St. Pauls High School. This is her 2nd parish incumbency, and she loves parish ministry. Financial Aid. Request a device for students without IT Access. Through small classes, real-world experiences, and a rigorous curriculum that is enhanced through … Curriculum. Places at St Paul’s are highly sought after and the entrance procedure will therefore always be competitive. Join our open day to learn more! Explore. Welcome to St Paul’s Catholic School. A clearly defined value system – comprising of respect for each individual, courtesy, and honest and open communication – underpins our … St Paul's girls' school in London at centre of sexual abuse claims This article is more than 3 years old Former pupils of £24,000-a-year school … B.Sc. Latest News. Please contact your subject teacher on itslearning if you have any other questions about the January examinations. The following is a list of alumni of St. Paul's School. Wed 2 Sept – Fri 11 Dec. Half term: Mon 19 – Fri 30 Oct. Book a tour. AUTUMN 2020. Learn More. Dr D E Casserly Headteacher. Request here. Kiran – To what extent was the Byzantine emperor Heraclius’ campaign against the Persians a “holy war”? Admissions. Located at St Paul’s Collegiate School, the dance school is offering ballet, jazz, contemporary and hip hop for children aged 4-18. St Paul's School for Girls School name St Paul's School for Girls Street Vernon Road Locality Edgbaston Town Birmingham West Midlands Postcode B16 9SL Telephone number 0121 4540895 Email School website Sally-Anne Huang MA (Oxon), MSc (Leic), MA (Roeh), Andy Mayfield, BSc (Manchester), MSc, DPhil (Oxon), Stuart Block, MA (Cantab), PGCE (Buckingham), Fourth Form – Caroline Gill, MA (Cantab), PGCE (Cheltenham), Fifth Form – Glenn Harrison, BSc (Brunel), PGCE (Cantab), Sixth Form – James Gilks, MSc, PhD (Nottingham), PGCE (KCL), Lower Eighth Form – Kerilynne Cloete, BSocSci (Cape Town), MA (UCL), PGCE (IoE) (Maternity Cover), Upper Eighth Form – Hannah Warner, BA (Cantab), MA (Dunelm), Daniel Pirrie, MA (Edin) (Head of Faculty – Creative Arts), Graham Seel, MA (St Andrews), PGCE (Cantab), Andrew Ashworth-Jones, BSc (North London), PGCE (Exeter), Camille Shammas, BSc (Sheffield), PhD (Bristol), The Rev’d Matthew Knox, BSc (Manchester), BA, MA (Dunelm), PGCE (Newcastle), Michael Grant, BA (Goldsmiths), MA (Royal College of Art), PGCE (Goldsmiths) (Director of Art), James Nichols, BA (Arts London), PGCE (Exeter), Michael Page, BA (UCL), MA (Royal College of Art), Jonathan Williams, BA (Wolverhampton), MA (Royal College of Art), PGCE (Beds), Jonathan Bennett, BA, DPhil (Oxon), MSc (Edinburgh) (Head of Biology), Sarah Field, BSc (Edinburgh), DPhil (Oxon), Martyn Powell, BSc (Surrey), PhD (Reading), Basil Strang, BSc (Dunelm), MSc, PGCE (Oxon), Matthew Smith, MChem (Oxon) (Head of Chemistry), Martin Fitzpatrick, BSc, PhD (UCD), PGCE (London), James Gilks, MSc, PhD (Nottingham), PGCE (KCL), Ann Jeffery, BSc (Southampton), PGCE (KCL), Richard Jones, BEng, MSc, MRes (Newcastle), PGCE (Buckingham), Thomas Orr, MChem (Newcastle), PGCE (London), Suzanne Squire, MSci (Imperial), PGCE (IoE), Katharine Waterfield, BA, MPhil (Oxon), PGCE (Buckingham) (Head of Classics), Alexander Stewart, BA (Oxon), PGCE (Buckingham), Robert Taylor, MA, MLitt (St Andrews), PGCE (Cantab), Chris Harrison, MSc, PhD (London), PGCE (Buckingham) (Head of Computing), Katie Douglass, BA (Open) (Director of Engineering and ICT), Ibe Akoh, BSc, MSc (Exeter), PGCE (Buckingham), Steven Carter, BSc (Southampton), PGCE (Nottingham), Joseph Swartzentruber, BA (Cantab), PGCE (Buckingham), Christian Anthony, BA, MA (London) (Director of Drama), Simon Dormandy, MA (Oxon) (Head of Academic Drama), Jonathan Boustead, BA (Cumbria), MA (York), Tom Chamberlain, BA (UCL) (Drama Graduate), Samuel Schmitt, BSc (Bristol), MA (IoE) (Head of Economics), Rebecca McGreevy, MA (Edinburgh), PGCE (IoE), Thomas Passmore, BA (Dunelm) (Housemaster), Andrew Sykes, MA (Oxon), MSc (London), PGCE (IoE), Puzhong Yao, MA (Cantab) MBA (Stanford University), Katie Douglass, BA (Open) (Director of Engineering & ICT), Edward Bailey, BSc (Harper-Adams), MSc (Oxford Brookes), PGCE (Brighton) (Head of Product Design), Dominic Boydell, BEng (South Bank), PGCE (Greenwich), MSc (Staffs) (Head of Electronics), Leigh Eadie BA (York St John), PGCE (Leeds Trinity), Tomi Herceg, BSc (Princeton), DPhil (Imperial) (Head of Systems and Control), Mr A K W Jenkins, BMus (Man, RNCM), FRSA, MIEEE, Simon Roberts, BA (Loughborough), PGCE (Buckingham), Tristram Hager, MA (Cantab) (Head of English), Matthew Gardner, MA (Oxon), MA (Manchester), MA (London), Judith McLaren, MA (Cantab), MA (Westminster) (EPQ Co-ordinator), Naomi McLaughlin BA (Cardiff), PGCE (Goldsmiths), Alexander Isaac, BSc, MSc (Bristol), MA (London), PGCE (London), FRGS (Head of Geography), Edward Beesley, BA (Wales), PhD (Bristol) (Head of History), Suzanne Mackenzie, BSc (Brunel), MA (London), PGCE (IoE), OLY, Miss S I Milanova, BA (Cantab), MPhil (Oxon), Helena Howard, MA (Oxon), PGCE (IoE), Level 7 Dip Dyslexia & SpLD OCR, TEFL  (Head of Learning Support), Nicole Leaver, BA (Keele), MA (UCL), PGCE (IoE), Level 7 Dip Dyslexia & SpLD OCR, TEFL, Andrew Ashworth Jones, BSc (North London), PGCE (Exeter) (Head of Mathematics), Sebastian Allon, BSc (Bristol), PGCE (St Mary’s), Richard Baxter, BSc, PhD (Queen’s, Belfast), PGCE (Open), Robert Breslin, MMath (Sheffield), PGCE (Canterbury Christchurch), Luis Cereceda, MPhys (Warwick), MSc (Oxon), PhD (London), Kerilynne Cloete, BSocSci (Cape Town), MA (UCL), PGCE (IoE), Iva Franjic, MSc, MPhil and PhD (University of Zagreb), Chris Harrison, MSc, PhD (London), PGCE (Buckingham), Adrian Hemery, MA, MMaths (Cantab), MSc, PhD (Loughborough), Samuel Hewitt, MA, MMath (Cantab), PGCE (Buckingham), Graham Kemp, MMath/Phys, MSc (Manchester), PhD (Loughborough), Thomas Lyster, BA (Dunelm), MSc (London), PGCE (Roehampton), Ian McDonnell, MA, MEng, PhD, PGCE (Warwick), Joseph Rocca, BMath (Waterloo), BEd (Windsor), Douglas Perrin, MA, PGCE (Cantab)  (Head of Modern Languages) (Head of German), Francesca Byrne, MA (St Andrews), PGCE (Liverpool Hope) (Head of French), Alexander Tofts, BA (Dunelm), PGCE (Canterbury Christchurch) (Head of Italian), Peter Davies, MA (London), PCGE (Reading) (Head of Spanish), Eliza James, BA (Manchester), PGCE (Leeds), Rebecca Kemal-ur-Rahim, BA (UCL), PGCE (IoE), Larissa Lapaire-Adumekwe, BA (UCL), MA, PGCE (London), Erica Schirripa, BA (Sapienza, Rome),  Italian Assistant, Shazia Abid, BA (Frankfurt), German Assistant, Emma Leconte, BA (Reims), French Assistant, Clara Normand, BA (Reims), French Assistant, Alvaro Marinero, MA (Madrid), Spanish Assistant, Mark Wilderspin, MA (Oxon), MMus (Royal College of Music) (Director of Music), Thomas Evans, BA, MPhil (Cantab), PhD (KCL) (Assistant Director of Music), Mr G Rubin, BMus (Witwatersrand, SA), MA (Bath Spa) (Music Graduate), Ryan Buckingham, MPhys (Oxon), DPhil (Oxon), PGCE (Buckingham), MInstP, FRAS, Benjamin Still, MPhys (Leicester), PhD, PCHE (Sheffield), PGCE (Buckingham), MInstP, Hugo Nilsson, Head of Politics, BA (Warw), PGCE (Bristol), Caroline Gill, MA (Cantab), PGCE (Cheltenham), Nigel Briers, BEd (London) (Director of Sport) (Head of Cricket), James Blurton, BSc (St Mary’s), PGCE (Brunel) (Head of Physical Education & Head of Rugby), Ryan Blake, MSc (Portsmouth) (Head of Strength and Conditioning), Glenn Harrison, BSc (Brunel), PGCE (Cantab), Andy Maguire (Head of Athletics, Head of Basketball), Gary O’Brien, BSc (Brunel) PGCE (Buckingham) (Head of Tennis, Head of Squash, Sports Centre Manager), Steve Tulley (Rackets Professional & Technical Director of Rackets), Rufus Duits, MPhil (Cantab) PhD (UCL) (Head of Theology and Philosophy), Daniel Brigham, BA, MA (York), PhD (Cantab) PGCE (Buckingham), Jade Ramsay Overall , BA (London), MA (Nottingham), Neville Sanderson, BA, MA (London) (Director of Careers and Universities), Carol Graham, MA (Georgetown), BSFS, MAAS (US Universities). 23 Jan. Latest news. Good Luck. Mr Sam Tanielu, Community of Learning Across School Leader Mr Marty Willetts, Junior School Leader. For new entrants to the Senior School (Year 12) the fee per term is £9,277. St Paul's School is a selective independent school for boys aged 13–18, founded in 1509 by John Colet and located on a 43-acre (180,000m 2) site by the River Thames, in Barnes, London.. Staff Positions Teaching Fellows Positions Media Visitors Admission The Journey Ahead Virtual Campus Tour Chat with our Students ... St. Paul’s School is a community of learners where all of us, students and teachers, live together on these grounds. St Paul's Girls' School was founded by the Worshipful Company of Mercers in 1904, using part of the endowment of the foundation set up by John Colet, to create a girls' school to complement the boys' school he had founded in the sixteenth century. The schools’ intranets detailed below are only available to current staff. DSL. Image Showcase.