(It appears that others have also found it.) You’re welcome to take a picture and figure it out, or… here’s the code: RT, RT, LT, RT, RT, RT, LT, LT, RT, LT, LT, LT, RT, LT, RT, LT. Once we’re done here, let’s head back to the hub. First off, as always, we collect bits and do the smaller rooms first. After that, return to the valve, raise the water to its max and make your way to the last door. Anywhere Location. Chest #2 – Lightsaber Sleeve (Peace and Justice II). Act 5, The Chambers. This area is simple, containing a Treasure Chest and a floating platform suspended on a geyser. This way you can jump down there and rotate the platform. Ascendant Chest #8 Making your way to the Lost Sector of The Confluence in Rheasilvia, the Ascendant platform will be near a pillar. How could we not pause dramatically for this place? I can see the platform and I even have the treasure map for this area. 1. Unearth the mysteries of the past and discover the truth about reality and perception. http://i.imgur.com/yQ0Kb.jpg May 9th! Now you can jump and latch onto some vines to open a chest with a Golden Cube inside! with very special guess 6955 with the musical chiptuney goodness. Fez itself is an itching twisted adventure, and the collectibles just add more fun to it. He suspects that Fez'skar may have hidden the Jewel of Baan Dar there. @chronicink Toronto, Canada [email protected] USA Social Engagement Breakdown. Or you could just read our code. In fact, the ick is so intense, while down in this area Gomez won’t be able to swim, so don’t jump in the “water”. I stood on the invisible platform, jumped to the right and then i pressed right trigger twice. One of the shows running gags is that no one knows what country Fez is from. Hidden Black Monolith text. FEZ begins with a simple idea: you can rotate the world. If you don't want to use the map look at the video below. Platform. As you enter the vestibule and walk forwards to the next door, as long as you have the ascendant buff active the first platform will appear in front of you on the left side of the door. On one side there’s some more vines to climb, and another valve to turn. This place is a fun puzzle, and as with all puzzles, we recommend you give it a shot on your own first. From here you should be … (The second-highest door leads back to the entrance of the Sewers.) Use the water valve to lower and raise the water as necessary, traversing the floating platforms as they rise and fall with the water level. Theres a chest up high in this tower area where you rotate the ladders to ascend. This area also contains two doors. There’s really nothing left to do, you’re good to go, you never have to come back. 1 The Writing Cube 2 The Counting Cube 3 The Tome 4 … Inside the vacant room on the second highest floor. Hence the clever nomenclature. Puzzle. It’s a good thing smell isn’t a dimension, huh? To start, let’s get a door map u… Fez is a confusing game to get through and that means making a guide for it is also slightly tricky. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. Act 4, The Archives. It wasn’t enough to imply that this place is the sewers, they had to make the whole area green. Just wait until you’re right up against that first bar, then rotate right. Explore a serene and beautiful open-ended world full of secrets, puzzles and hidden treasures. Returning to Hideaway 2 we’ve got to get to the top of this room somehow. Let’s get down to business. When Gomez approaches them, dot will say things like "I wonder what this is" or "I forget what these are". Through this door we’ve got some actual levels to complete here, but mostly all sorts of rooms with cubes to find, all of which are hidden away. In one level, that might mean leaping just as lightning illuminates a hidden platform. You need to set off a chain explosion but turning the screen is the right time when the explosion hits the corner. Hmm. Brother’s Bastion chests and secret map ... Once you climb back up to the top of the area, just before you exit, look for a elevator platform. Again, lower the sludge level so that you can use the bottom crank again. Next up is the puzzle room! Doors. FEZ is a curious game to review as it has already been out for a year on consoles, which means reviews of it have also been out for a year. I then put it on the shelf for display. Windows Mac. If you just want to know how to find an anticube, artifact, etc then just look along the table of contents. Using the cannon, propell yourself on this platform and reach the high place that was inaccessible before. This category contains hidden categories. However, he can knockback so to avoid being thrown off the platform and starting over, defeat the Veteran before opening the chest. This is a general puzzle-solution guide for Fez. Rumble Anti-Cube – If you haven’t had to do one yet, Rumble Puzzles are codes sent to you via the left and right rumble packs in your controller. This time the vines are hidden on the center platform, so climb up there and work your magic on the valve. The goal of this large update to the Windows PC/Mac/Linux version of FEZ was the following : Cut dependencies to OpenTK, the platform framework used by FEZ on Windows. Once you’ve made it across, head through that door. Look for these breakable walls and secret corridors throughout your adventures to find items and treasure! We can head through the locked door now if you have a key, if not don’t fret because one is coming up. His friends know his true name (the audience does not because when he says his name the high school bell is ringing), It is very long and he says the first five K's are silent. Our advice, thus, is to avoid them at all costs. Since some people were saying that there would be things hidden in the soundtrack, I played a little with "Sonic Visualiser". What am I missing? The Industrial Area, with its brick and neon color palette, metal pipes, railings and supports and shifting platforms, is finally ours to explore and conquer! Rotate it such that it’s under the platform with the treasure chest. InGenium Research Facility West end of the North chamber guarded by a Prototype Incinerator Golem. Click the Left Analog-stick to switch to first person view. Research Notes (Secret #2). Inside the locked room we have a bit atop a pipe-laden structure and a massive tuning fork. We’ll guide you with pictures through the tough parts where you may or may not be dying horribly. So far they have been in all of the areas that still have questions marks for me. Two Trees 8. Once you’ve managed that, align the pivoting platform under the chest and raise the water back up to the top again. Fez is an indie puzzle-platform video game developed by Polytron Corporation and published by Trapdoor.The player-character Gomez receives a fez that reveals his two-dimensional (2D) world to be one of four sides of a three-dimensional (3D) world. Then, hop onto the platform, rotate right, then jump onto the small notch where the bit is hiding. You have to quickly switch perspective mid-jump. I've tried to be as spoiler-free as possible but you may still have things inadvertently revealed you so take that as a warning. If you’re following our picture, you’ll have to raise the water to the very top. Now that we’ve covered all the small-time doors, it’s time for some adventuring. Gomez wakes up in his house. Upon doing so, Marcus will reveal a hidden trap door behind the vending machine that leads to a secret room with the Red Chest. Treasure Maps can be found in chests. the game is a puzzle/platformer/explorer. Fez is an indie puzzle-platform video game developed by Polytron Corporation and published by Trapdoor.The player-character Gomez receives a fez that reveals his two-dimensional (2D) world to be one of four sides of a three-dimensional (3D) world. That means it’s time for a Rumble Puzzle. 7. Fez was first shown at the 2008 Independent Games Festival. Head through it and enter… the Foundry! fez. From here you should be able to make the jump onto the vines, then climb up to the top to grab a cube. To recover the Jewel of Baan Dar, we must first free Jakarn's friend, Fez'skar. Use your ability to navigate 3D structures from 4 distinct classic 2D perspectives. Hmm, perhaps we need a clue first? It's legit. Here are some options: – To Industrial Zone For easiness, I highly recommend you finish the game and then return here at the start of new game+. Mid-way through the level is a pivot-platform puzzle that’s simple, but still a puzzle. FEZ is FREE for a limited time! 8. When the existence of a mysterious 3rd dimension is revealed to him, Gomez is sent out on a journey that will take him to the very end of time and space. They’re only available in the Haunted Forest, the new activity that’s part of the Festival of The Lost event. In here we have a locked door and a bit of a puzzle to complete. Now that we’ve got the Shift Cipher, let’s head through the Shift Passage door as marked on your door map. One room is not gold but doesn't show a secret or anything, what do I do? Every Building Represented 10. Hidden Sewer Treasure Room Jump on the platform and ride it up to open a chest with a key. 10. Since it’s difficult to know where the code starts and stops, here’s what we put in: Pick up your prize, you’ve earned it. fez. Explore a serene and beautiful open-ended world full of secrets, puzzles and hidden treasures. Find out how to get FEZ for FREE, and make sure you tell your friends! We use that term generously. Once you’ve rotated the platform, climb back up and raise the water. The floating platform is now resting on the larger platform. His friends say they are not going to remember it, as seen in a flashback e… Let’s warp back to the Sewers Hub and end this dank, stanky journey. The more you play, the more you understand this concept’s far-reaching implications as you jump between ledges and rotate perspective to get pieces of the world to align. This secret area will remain open upon subsequent explorations. Key – After all that huffing and puffing and puzzle solving, let’s go do something easy! The next Ascendant Chest in the Hidden Riches collection can be found above the entrance to the Blind Well. Fez is merely the phonetic version of the acronym FES: Foreign Exchange Student. The high-profile and protracted five-year development of the video game Fez led to its status as an "underdog darling of the indie game scene". Jump back up to the top crank and raise the sludge levels all the way. Anti-Cube QR: Through a door straight off the hub we’ve got another QR code to do. Cube – For your efforts thus-far, you get a cube! Hop on into the Key room and, well, grab the key! Hmm - so, one of the fez treasure maps shows a hidden platform in a certain room, which I've found - but I can't reach the actual treasure chest from there. Inside the kitchen, on the second highest floor. Hmm - so, one of the fez treasure maps shows a hidden platform in a certain room, which I've found - but I can't reach the actual treasure chest from there. The chest on top of ... - There also seems to be a treasure chest on top of the distant floating platform. The chest holds an anti-cube. Renaud is developing our top secret technology, while i mostly just lay down and figure out stuff. – To Mausoleum Blake Blake. – To Main Hub There are two things to do in this gravely dangerous place (don’t try to swim here either) and the first thing happens to be a door. There's one more small area we can get to from here. Fez Cube Guide – Sewers Area ... align the pivoting platform under the chest and raise the water back up to the top again. Ans: I don't know exactly which one you mean. Outside, in a recess at the same height as the platform with a treasure chest. However, this time we’re not turning it all the way up. Putting this code in isn’t just for an Anti-Cube, no, there’s actually a bit more journeying to do once you’re in here. In the track "Spirit", I've found a QR Code at the end: After cleaning it: 1955 1958 1960 1961 1967 1969 1971 1977 2003 2005. Start a game in New Game + mode, and enable the "Flight mode" code when meeting the Hexahedron. ... You can lower the water level to get to a pivot to move a platform, but it doesn't seem to help much. The Fez Alphabet can be solved in the outside area with a brown fox leaping over a dog. If the rumble is turned off, turn it on now. The chest floating in the air requires a map to navigate. I have the map piece that showed me that hidden platform but as u say, u can't jump to the platform that has the chest on it, so how the hell do u get to it :s, As soon as u switch perspective u fall off the platform o_O, switching perspective kills all momentum though :E. From: _Just_Blaze_ | #005there's even a video on the dashboard showing this exact scenario. Haunted Forest chests are secret loot containers in Destiny 2. However, since we’re silly, we started at the top! In the vacant room directly on the backside of elementary school. Leaf Leaf. Hop around and collect the bits. Water Tower 9. Join the world’s most powerful influencer marketing platform now and get the details you need to contact George Chestak. After that sprint, there’s some platforming sprints centered around the rotating blocks that are a little tough, but assuming you make it up to those you’ll reach a checkpoint. Head back to the entrance and rotate until you find the vines on the back. You’ll have the ability to fly and can just float up there to reach the chest. The chest on top of the structure contains a [KEY]. The goal is to get the floating platform to rest on top of the pivoted platform. Now that we’re done here, we’re done in all of the Sewers! Shift Puzzle – This one’s a pretty simple code, just as long as you manage to keep the whole code in-view. Essentially any direction works, but if you need specifics follow the picture below. Feels so gross after being out in the air. Released in April of 2012 on Xbox Live Arcade, Fez seemed like a retro-throwback from an alternate reality; the kind of made-up game kids might play in a … Borderlands 3 (BL3) has 10 Gehenna’s Most Wanted Locations in Bounty of Blood DLC. For starters, there are bits, so let’s grab those. After entering the room, climb from pipeline to pipeline and look towards the far left corner from where the player entered the room. You get a treasure map showing you those 2 platforms. Breakable and hidden walls. In another, it could mean piecing together treasure maps to uncover a hidden item. share | improve this question | follow | edited Apr 17 '12 at 2:36. More or less. Don’t be fooled by the first bits. As per the usual we’ll have to climb higher, then raise the water level. Doing this is simpler than it feels given the gravity of the situation: climb as high as you can on each rope section, then rotate right. Use the floating platform to get to the Chest and then open it. Moving on then, let’s go get the QR Code. Go to the area to the southeast of the main warp hub and when you reach the top of the platform with two trees and a chest, there will be … Putting the code in lowers the slab upon which the code is imprinted, giving us another door to venture through. What does it mean? Fez Home. FEZ at a first glance appears to be a typical 2D platformer game but you’ll soon realize that there is more than meets the eye in this world which tests the limits of space and time. The chest is on the same platform, around the corner from the Veteran. Windows PC Mac Xbox ... FEZ is a pretty simple platformer with a similar goal to many others. It’s easiest to match the picture and rotate based on that, but as long as you get the floating platform to land on the pivoting one, the rest is easy. They are explodable. These are purple cubes that you can earn by pressing a series of triggers in a particular sequence. Once again, head back to the Hub. From there, it’s an easy float to the top. The player rotates between these four 2D views to realign platforms and solve the game's puzzles. So let’s check out the door map. What do they do? It’s two jumps away. Simply hop along the platforms as they shoot up from the sludge to make it across to the other side. Then push it on dry land into place as a stepping stone, and raise the water. Snag the bit there, then head through the door. Ask Question Asked 8 years, 6 months ago. sort of. share | improve this question | follow | asked Apr 18 '12 at 2:59. Jakarn revealed that Fez'skar grew up in the Stitches—a cliff-side settlement overlooking the Scar. Iron Marches. They show you the location of secret platforms and hidden things to solve certain puzzles. http://www.xboxlc.com/cards/default/blaze+92x.jpg. Make sure to avoid the blue on the ground otherwise it will teleport you back. The door here in the Sewers marked “Shift Passage” is super duper important, but there’s nothing to do there (besides get a bit) until you’ve figured out the Shift Cipher. – To Mausoleum George Chestak. Or is he? Once here move to the farthest left corner and jump. Solid Base Why I submitted this model to Cuusoo: When I built this model I posted it on reddit and the Fez Homepage. And work on FEZ 1.12 officially started. There’s a bit here and another door we’re going to go through. From here, things get a little tricky. – To Main Hub Start a game in New Game + mode, and progress to where you originally obtained the Fez to instead get a pair of sunglasses. Make your way there and enter the building, ignoring the enemies. Chest requires you to be debuffed by Plaguefallen spell. Eridian Fabricator On the Legendary firing mode, the Eridian Fabricator occasionally drops quest reward items from Base Game. What am I missing? The second Hidden Riches chest is located near the Blind Well. Fez is full of secrets like this, and it’s best if you find them without using a guide. Fez is Renaud Bedard on code and myself on everything else. Fez: Treasure Chest in the sewer/well area with acid. Two taps to get the right one, I think. Let’s head to the Hideaway door now as it’s our first big venture into the Sewers. Right? Turn the other crank twice in any direction. Plunder it and continue on your journey. Following the awards, Phil Fish, the mastermind behind Fez created "Polytron Corporation" as a banner under which he would develop and release the game. Without much effort beyond arriving at the room. Change your perspective and look at the world in a different way. – To Industrial Zone (Flower) CHEST 25: In the second section of Lands end, stand between the platform and the cannon and leap to reveal a hidden platform. There are two red chests in Devil’s Razor, and both of them are fairly well-hidden. Unfortunately, he's being held prisoner by a nomadic crime boss named Tu'heiba. The writing and counting cubes show zuish letters, and numbers on each of the six sides. Do areas with negative cubes show on map. IT’S SUPER RED! Crank & Platform Lower the water until the other crank is revealed. Just use it to shorten the gap between the bit platform and yourself, then make the jump. From here, there’s a floating platform you’ll stand on as the lava (we’re going to call it lava) rises, so you don’t have any margin for error here. These represent the three sizes of cube zones seen on the map: small, medium and big. The player rotates between these four 2D views to realign platforms and solve the game's puzzles. Walk north from the Force Echo (towards the temple) to the end of this area that’s jutting out. Act 3, The Armory . Act 2, The Prison. Enjoy. Fez is a huge open world game with many, many different areas - very few of which are named or numbered in the game. Spyro Reignited Trilogy is finally available, and there’s a lot to live here for longtime fans and newcomers alike. All these doors are on different pillars and at different water levels, so starting from the bottom and working your way up is a good idea. I totally posted the wrong picture hah, I uploaded that one a bit ago but figured it out almost right afterwards. As always, turn on that rumble and feel the code! He suggested we split up and search the Stitches for Fez'skar. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Gomez is a 2D creature living in a 2D world. 6. Sort by. Going through the door here takes you to the Sewers Hub. The complexity and sophistication of the puzzles keeps growing, building on ideas and forcing you to think in new ways. Key – This key’s pretty easy to get, just a jump to the right and a rotate to the right three times and then bam: key. At the top of the village. The sequence you need to use is: It means that standing anywhere in the game, if you press the above sequence, you will get the cube an… Rope Sprint 1 – Every time touch those scary looking bars, you’ll get fried. Head back to Hideaway 2 the way you came. Turn the bottom crank two times in any direction once more. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. You will be looking for Artifacts, Shards, Keys, Treasure Maps, Cubes and Bits, etc. The object of the game is to … There are 32 golden Cubes to collect. The moment you turn that valve, the boiling water/lava/death screen will start rising, so you’ll have to climb for your life. Bit – The key to this bit is to raise the water level until it’s two notches below the top. Platform. Go back. How cool. Hidden Treasure is a challenge in Triton Flats of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel to find the chest on the cliff wall platform.. Strategy. Ask Question Asked 8 years, 6 months ago. Getting to the Top – Like some other areas we’ve seen before, this gauntlet-esque puzzle is one part platforming and timing, one part rotation. I have had problems with it from the start, from sound card detection issues to windowing problems, to VSync and fullscreen issues… Remember that Anticubes will add to your total count of Cubes to open the doors. The pipe is in a tunnel, entrance is at 62.38 76.52. Or at least the rooms that don’t lead us on huge adventures, because we may need things here! Fez is a very open game that's about exploration and adventure, so when you're following the collectables guide you'll probably need to scroll up and down to … Enter the third-highest door. For Fez on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Glitch or the legit way to the chest? I think the bell location is random but I'm not 100% sure, mine was in left side room right before you come to the platform with the chest. To hide a category, add the __HIDDENCAT__ magic word to the bottom of a category. ". Objective: Find Tu'heiba's Location. You just have to turn it once, once you do immediately start climbing that ladder. The chest is located on the route to Crisis Scar beyond the gate that is opened during the story mission A New Direction.. Depending on which way you were facing when you made the jump, rotate to bring the platform to the other side, then cross there. Fez. If you want to add a solution then feel free to do so but please stick to the established formatting. You can get a cube anywhere after Fez enters the 3D world. Jump up the platform you're on and jump across to the middle platform. They’ll only give you Fragmented Souls, which are a new currency used to buy masks from Amanda Holliday. Genre: An Indie Platform Adventure Game. I can find Tu'heiba's current location on the bottom of a barrel lid in Rimmen's sewers. Ans: I don't know exactly which one you mean. Fez - Floating island treasure chest Anti-Cube guide - YouTube Climb up those then raise the water level as high as you can. 5. Hidden. There is a total of four artifacts that can be found in FEZ: The Writing Cube The Counting Cube The Tome Artifact The Skull Artifact The artifacts serve little to no purpose in the game, other than for vague clues and achievement hunting. asked Apr 17 '12 at 2:01. – To Observatory, Nine Witches: Family Disruption Review: Gags and Ghosts, Stories Untold Review: A Melting Pot of Genres, The Falconeer Review: Clear Skies, Cloudy Combat, Exit the Gungeon review: war in an elevator. Figure that out, then come back here and head down to the SPOILER ZONE. Anti-Cube – Once you make it through the door on the top, grab your anti-cube as your reward and warp back to Sewers Hub. Step 1 is to lower the water down below the shifting platform. In this Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order guide, we’ll show you how and where to find every chest and secret location on Bogano’s map. Secret Rooms. Rumble Anti-Cube – These are always fun. Echo #3 – The Researcher – 2. Gomez is a 2D creature living in a 2D world. Unlike normal categories, these are not displayed at the bottom of pages that are included in them, and are therefore hidden from readers. Fez: Treasure Chest in the sewer/well area with acid. In fez, there are several pillar/monoliths scattered about the world. Treasure Chest 7. This puzzle is a little complicated when it comes to rotations and when you started. there's even a video on the dashboard showing this exact scenario. Fez Cube Guide – Sewers Area By Todd ... align the pivoting platform under the chest and raise the water back up to the top again. In the dankness of the Sewers they look like little repeating squares. Inside, you'll find a Small Key! Turn the valve to start the lava flow. Solution to the Black Monolith is right at the end of the guide. - A switch and a crate. It was nominated for two awards and won the award for "Excellence in Visual Art". It’s shares a platform with the entrance, just spin around until you find it, then enter it. Change your perspective and look at the world in a different way. You'll notice next to each stage name there is either an S , M or B in brackets.