Can I request for public traffic services, give me examples of these services? 3. letter from sponsor  Unregistered Plate Violations (URP): This fine is registered when the customer passes through a Salik gate without registering a Salik tag on the vehicle and without applying for registering the plate within 10 working days after the toll trip. Is it possible to use mobile on the underground sections of the Dubai Metro? Drawing for location of signs  What is the maximum amount of money that the customer can settle using a credit card? What are the steps that the customer must follow if the customer owns more than 1 vehicle and desires to renew ownership or cancel it after its expiry? 2. Can the customer convert a license from Puerto Rico? Owners' passport copy  Legal ratification from the court or an NOC from the owner ratified by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) The driver should submit the traffic black points report from Dubai police. If you have only changed your license plate, you need to visit a Salik Customer Service Centre or call Salik Call Center on 80072545 so that we can update the details on your account. Dubai Economic Department Trade License  Site plan of area from Municipality. The lost item will be present in the same station the customer has started his journey from, for 24 Hours. No, the customer is not allowed to drive with the US driving license. If color occupies more than 30% of Ad's design, it will be transferred to CID for approval  Is it possible to get a commercial plate for a company if the trade license is issued in another emirate? What is the type of the agreement for commercial Spaces in Metro and Tram? Six months 1300 50% discount will only be available for Students, Social Affair and Senior Citizens or residents, as well as free travel for people of determination. No. Provide certificate of Land & Property Department, If Ad includes any real estate brokerage  Discharge letter of the traffic penalties NOC issued by the company ( in case the sponsor works)  or what if there's a faulty SIM? One app offering all information related to PublicTransport and the nearest stations to you, to commute with ease.   Original passport and copy  The unified Al Tawar Center 2. Where to pay Passengers smuggling fine if customers having Dubai plate No. 1. I have received violations that I do not think are correct, what can I do? Click (additional data) more information will support your technical and financial information then click save. 5 - Mamzar Gate (Al Ittihad Rd.). But, if the learning permit is renewed within 6 months, then the customer does not have to repeat the parking test. What is the process in case the customer is in a country that does not accept e-certificates? Add a tag/vehicle to your account What are the required documents to modify some of the driving license data/information? Letter from the employer or retirement benefits or not to approve the work. Union cooperative Al Safa only RTA fines (Parking fines and salik fines)  1. What is the procedure if the customer loses the plate sticker? Can I transfer the balance of NOL card to my new NFC-enabled SIM? His US driving license can be exchanged after being electronically signed by the supervisor. If you have any ideas, complaints or questions, please let us know! Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone Authority Zoning Authority ­ Development Control Government of Dubai Document No. Any person who is more than 25 Years old Holding a driving license for 3 years minimum. 4. What is the colour of the commercial plates? The customer should communicate with the UAE embassy and submit a copy of the export certificate in order to receive a letter (from the embassy) allowing him to proceed with the service. Visiting the SALIK walk-in customer service locations. For any nationality, if the original driving license is from UAE, the customer can bring his documents to Deira licensing so that they can check his records and provide him with a driving license. : 043411511 Recognizing the need for a modern transportation system to accommodate the travel demands of the city’s rapidly growing population and relieve severe traffic congestion, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Rail Agency developed the Dubai Integrated Rail Master Plan. RTA fines in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates is the most important part of this application. 2. Eye test. There are not any classes. You should also remove the tag from the windshield when you sell your vehicle. This training must be - Statement of not using the abra until workers affairs are settled 4. Can citizens enrolled in the army register a vehicle in Dubai? P.O.Box: Dubai 71707 Download S’hail App now. Approved formal letter from the company and attached with the company trade license What are the categories of parking fines? In this case, the customer is required to pay the fees of two crossings. Tel. The customer must apply for a new export certificate. Ticket Offices are available in all Metro stations and all Bus stations. In this case, you can contact RTA call center 8009090. 2. They can also be paid through the Dubai Police website for Dubai violations or Abu Dhabi Police website for Other Emirate violations, by visiting the Vehicle Registration Department or through internet banking if you are an Emirates NBD customer. Can the customer renew the ownership of a vehicle registered outside Dubai if he has a residence visa from the mentioned emirate? The Metro has.underground mobile coverage; therefore mobile phones can be used in underground stations and inside the trains. Click on the "view manual" button to open the service's manual. View any violations received. Amount (AED). Please note that if there is no deduction from your account for 3 years after the date of your last trip; your account balance will be forfeited. No, currently fares are the same at weekends and off-peak times. Yes, but the visa must be valid for at least 6 months. This decision was taken by RTA to facilitate the traffic flow. Only vehicles registered as military, police, ambulances, school and college buses, RTA public buses and the disabled are exempted. 3. - AED5000 as annual fees of issuing a new abra operation permit  Is the customer with an investment visa allowed to register a vehicle? The Nol Card is being introduced to allow passengers to pay for different public transport use with a single card, in a convenient and safe way. 1. 5. What happens if I do not use the toll gates for a long period of time? 3. Business card of the Administrator User with the Name, Title and Company’s logo You can verify any Salik violations by accessing Violation Management on the Salik website Let us know the account number and the new tag will be added to your existing account. Licensing Department Barsha  Can the customer purchase a distinguished number if he has a traffic file in Dubai but the residence visa is issued in another emirate? Yes, you need to have a UAE (local) Mobile Number from Etisalat, Du or Virgin Mobile for using the mParking service, All non-private plate number owners MUST register in order to use the mParking service because of the complexity of different plate types and codes. What are the requirements if the customer wants to sell a vehicle located abroad as junk? If your tag is installed properly and a tag application form has been submitted with all the required information, the toll will be charged to your account and no violation will occur. Yes, the customer must undergo an eye test in one of the optical shops mentioned above. 1. 2. ZA ­DC­GD ­01 Revision 0 Date 04 /03/2008 Page 8 of 24 Traffic Safety Guidelines 3) Safe systems of work and traffic management (e .g. Copy of the driving license If you own a private plate number, you do not require registration whereas if you own a non-private plate number you MUST register first to use the mParking service. Filled application  2. Aweer Registration should be transaction  Trade licence photocopy  Is it required to periodically inspect vehicles of governmental and semi-governmental bodies and companies? Who can apply for safari learning permit? After receiving the ticket, the customer receives the tourism certificate from the emirate where the vehicle is registered. What are the Documents required to apply for temporary gravel roads? Which apps can I use to pay my parking fares? As per the policy, only the Emirates ID photo will be used. What is taxi booking service for people of determination? Checking balance and limited past transactions using Du or Etisalat mobile phone user interface. The travel ticket is valid for 1 year; however, the customer must check with the Automobile Touring Club after using it more than 2 times. Is there anything that can damage a Nol Card? No. Working hours: from 7:30 till 1:30 pm From Sunday to Thursday. Can the seasonal parking cards “A” &“B” be used in the areas “C” & “D”? However, if the said photo was not extracted for a certain reason, the customer can use the immigration photo or a picture from the camera or can even scan any other photo depending on the supervisor in the centre. The cancellation of a vehicle is crossing it out from the traffic system either by issuing an ownership certificate or a transfer certificate or an export certificate. Can customers with international driving license drive in Dubai? Citizens are allowed to register vehicles in Dubai even if they are enrolled in the army. Copy of the passport The customer wants to apply for issuing a new driving license based on exchanging license. 5. Registration Qusais should be transaction  The fine from Sultanate Oman and Saudi Arabia: All Salik customers are responsible for ensuring that they have their tag registered and have enough funds in their account to pay any toll fees incurred. Both the owner and the driver must sign at the centre. What is the validity of the tyres when renewing the ownership? Every vehicle must have its own unique tag and you can register as many tags as you like on one Salik account, as long as all the related vehicles have the same Traffic File Number. : 043455855 Tractor or light mechanical Equipment (Weight is less than 7 Ton) 1726-2017. 7. Customer calls the section of booking & distributing on 04 2080808, providing the location's details. The Good Egg Presents: The Great Eggscape! Dubai road design manual pdf Dubai road design manual pdf Direct Link #1 A, HKLM SOFTWARE CLASSES INTERFACE 66666666-6666-6666-6666-660666056648 , Quarantined, Whereas, if you are a Pre-paid customer the amount will be deducted from their balance. An email from the institute. Is the customer required to change the SIM card when requesting the NFC service? After 24 hours, it will be transferred to Ghubaiba marine station for 15 working days and then it will be sent to RTA HQ. 2. I am leaving the country, how do I claim my Salik account balance? If you do not have enough balance in your Salik account and fail to recharge your Salik account within 5 days, you will receive a toll violation of AED 50 each day you pass through a Salik toll gate. This is only applicable for new vehicles. When using the Nol Red Ticket, the prices are slightly higher. If I lost an item inside RTA bus what should I do? This site is maintained by the Roads and Transport Authority. If you do not inform Salik, we will be unable to send you messages of low balance and other important account information resulting in you receiving violations. Rta road design guide pdf Supplements to Austroads Guide to Road Design - 8 parts. Where can the customer apply for a clearance certificate indicating that the vehicle does not have any pending traffic fines in Dubai if the vehicle is registered in another emirate? Enabling a third party to use the permit without RTA's prior consent: 3,000 AED Light Bus (The Capacity is less than 26 passengers except the driver) If the customer owns more than 1 vehicle, renewing the registration of which one is considered a priority? The customer must visit the mobile network operators (Du or Etisalat) to change the SIM card. Note: The customer must present a registration card to inspect the vehicle. No, NOL Combi cards refund or replacement can be done from the bank side only. Changing the residence emirate: transfer the file to the new emirate. You can learn about all the traffic signs. You are able to recharge your Salik account using the method that is most convenient to you such as the web or mobile payment using your credit card, at services providing banks,using supported Kiosks or by Salik Recharge Cards or e-Voucher using the web, by calling 800-Salik (72545) or by SMS. 2. Can the customer convert a license from New Mexico? Galadary Driving Center If you wish to extend for another hour simply SMS ‘Y’ and send it to 7275. Scanned and stamped copy of Business License P.O.Box Dubai: 80771 What are the contact details of Dubai Driving Center? In this case, the customer will not be allowed to transfer the overseas license. Footbridges provide a direct link between the two adjacent Tram and Metro stations for a smooth and seamless interchange for passengers. What are the documents required to request NOC for Discharge Lines of Dewatering Works? The customer must purchase a copy of the handbook to make sure that everyone has his own updated copy. Box 128940. Ticket vending machines are available in all Metro and Bus stations and some Bus stops, as well as other popular places such as shopping malls and airports. Can the customer use the blue NOL card of another person? Dubai is a vibrant metropolis with traffic movement continuing into late night hours. 2. The driver should submit the traffic black points report from Dubai police. The renewal should be within one month after the expiry of his previous driving permit. 9. What are the requirements if the customer wants to sell a vehicle registered in Dubai but located outside the Emirate? If the vehicles are purchased from a private enterprise other than the authorised dealers and also if the vehicles are imported or previously owned. The customer is required to settle these fines only at the federal branches and at the Licensing Department in Deira and Al Barsha and at the Customer Happiness Centre- Umm Ramool. No. Save time and effort and use Shail to top up your balance with a click. 4. This confirmation should normally arrive no later than 30 seconds after you send the request for mParking virtual permit. Copy of the theoretical exam results. Fill the license application form and signed by the authorized person. Box 35701 Abu Dhabi : P.O. Can the customer renew the ownership in Dubai if he is from another emirate and the vehicle is registered in another emirate? The roads and transport authority website is an online gate for all online services for Dubai traffic, fines, licensing, public transport, nol and transport business. Photos of location  I Title. RTA is responsible for planning and providing the requirements of transport, roads & traffic in the Emirate of Dubai . No. To pass the theoretical test to be conducted by the Agency, this is related to the training course materials. DM/Drainage and irrigation Department approval. Road markings - Standards - British Columbia. You can purchase your Salik tag from selected branches of Emarat, EPPCO/ ENOC or ADNOC petrol stations and also from Dubai Islamic Bank or Emirates NBD Bank. To revert back to original language please click Show Original in the google toolbar that will appear on top of the page. RTA Maintenance Department  where should the owners of the taxi plate numbers need to go for changing the bank account number? A rise in the price of diesel from 3.92 to 8.92 What are the branches to pay the fines from G.C.C? Yes you can dispute against them. All the features available in Smart Parking App such as "Pay Parking Fees, View Public Parking availability, View Multistory Parking availability and Dubai Mall Parking availability" are available in RTA Dubai Smart App. What happens after the customer requests disabling a personal silver or gold card? How can I view tendering procedures? The customer must wait 5 days to receive the approval of the medical committee on the presented medical report. These manuals reassert RTA’s policy built on the highest professional standards, clarity and transparency,” she said. You can order special design through online NOL store website. It has a 'touch & go’ function which means, you simply tap it on the entry point of any of the above services and the system will then automatically deduct the correct fare. What are the fines associated with the plate trading permits? Does the customer have to sign up for an account on the Roads and Transport Authority's (RTA) website to apply for this service through the e-channels? Yes you can plan your trip by visiting Wojhati website or by downloading Wojhati application. Are there any service fees, for commercial Spaces In Metro and Tram stations? what are the required documents to apply for renewal of safari learning permit? Do I need to register in the new apps again? This type of fine it's already implemented exactly from 2001. If I lost an item inside the metro/tram what should I do? What are the branches to pay the fines in Dubai? Once you go through traffic signs then try rta signal test practice. The customer should refer to the mobile network operator for details about the fees. Original Passport with visa page. What is the procedure if the customer has an export certificate which is valid for 15 days only and it expires? Please visit Salik website ( to find out more. How does the customer know that he won the number? * Standard rate of AED 1 per passenger per trip in cash without tickets. Shamel Al Added should be transaction  If the vehicle is registered in Dubai and is in Qatar, and the owner wants to transfer its ownership to a person living in Dubai, can the new owner leave the vehicle in Qatar? As for residents, they must request a tourism license and a travel ticket. What if the phone gets lost or stolen? If the customer provides an insurance for more than 1 year, the registration can be valid for more than 1 year. 1. 1. UAE Roadway Design Manual. Covering letter directed to traffic services manager  What are the Documents Required to apply for supplying of sand for filling and levelling land? Failure to do this will result in toll violations of AED 100 for the first day you pass, AED 200 for the second day and AED 400 for each subsequent day you pass through the gate. Category 2:     Parking longer than specified period in the ticket (100 dirham's). 3. No, your Salik tag should ONLY be used on the vehicle it is assigned to in your Salik account. From where can I collect my item in case it's found? Proper Layout on a suitable scale showing as existing conditions with the proposed traffic diversion as per Dubai WZTM manual considering all safety measures as per RTA standards. 3. Yes, the customer can purchase a distinguished number as long as he has a traffic file in Dubai. He should be of a good conduct and has no criminal records. 3. If the customer loses the plates in another country (Saudi Arabia), what is the procedure to replace them? There is a fixed fee that the customer is required to settle (as part of the investment agreement). The customer must present this letter to the police station holding the license. Yes you can and this service enable the customer to request a study for some required works on the roads, complaints, suggestions such as (hatching, reserving parking space, fixing a sign, closing a road for a social event…etc). The maximum validity is 3 years. What should I do in case I have found an item inside RTA bus? If I pass through Al Safa toll gate and then Al Barsha toll gate, do I pay for both? Maintenance Management Manual for Road Projects. What are the Documents required to apply for Interlock permit request? This new tariff became applicable in the 28th of May 2016. No she cannot buy or allocate plate numbers unless she has a traffic file. Letter from company Vehicle Ownership Certificate The customer should check with the authorities in Oman. Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has completed construction work on three of its public bus stations including Al Jaffiliya, Etisalat, and Union, which comes as an addition to the Al Ghubaiba Bus Station that commenced operations in the fourth quarter of 2020. 4. letter from Tourist company  4. Width: 2.6 m All permits can be renewed except that of the tourists. It is possible to register a vehicle without holding a driving license on condition that the customer has a Dubai residence visa. Any SMS sent by Salik is for added customer service only. You can buy and top up your Nol Card at ticket offices, some ticket vending machine, RTA authorized sales agents. This type of fine it's already implemented exactly from 2001. In the future, RTA will introduce a 50% discount for Students as well as discounted 7 days,30 days, 90 days and 365 days passes. 5. What are the documents required to request NOC for Earth Works Grading ? There is an additional transaction fee of 30 fils per SMS for using the mParking service. As for residents, they have to check with the Automobile Touring Club. You can download and install RTA Dubai App or Drivers and Vehicles App to pay your parking fares. They will receive private plates and they are allowed to register fancy 4-door vehicles if they have residence visa from Dubai or from another emirate on condition that the vehicles meet the registration conditions. Tel. Presence of concerned person or his legal representative  In case the license is confiscated, Dubai Police keeps it. Other: details depends on their work nature. You can use your current username and password to login. Dubai Driving Center How can I check my Salik Fines? Provide Tenancy Contract or Registered Trade mark provided by Ministry of Economy. The handbook is available at all RTA outlets. For lost and found items, the customer must provide the details of the item as well as the details of the trip and a contact number when presenting a request to RTA’s call centre. The fine from Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait: AED 50 each time you pass through a Salik toll gate. One year 1500, Category 1:     Non payment of fees or failure to but the ticket (150 dirham's). Booking officer will enter the details in to the system & direct the nearest available taxi to the customer's location. SMS Content: Dear customer, kindly provide us with your passport copy including your valid visa to complete your transaction. Station Marina Dubai (Dubai Marina). 4 - Al Barsha gate. Before three monthes of the date of the fine the customer can pay his fines in deira Licensing department or RTA main office Ghubaiba station next to HSBC Bank 2. No, the manager cheque should be issued in the customer’s name and should have a payment date. In case the customer is drunk while driving, the police station will wait for the judge to take the final decision in the case. DM Affection plan and building (s) Design and License. Practicing the activity without a permit: 5,000 AED, Practicing the activity with an expired permit: 3,000 AED, Practicing activities other than the licensed activity by RTA: 3,000 AED, Ceasing or stopping the practice of the activity for more than 6 months without notifying RTA: 1,000 AED. Email: / - Cost Sharing Agreements (if the proposed works inside developers’ projects) In order to access your online account, you need to set up a username and password by visiting Are customers allowed to register a vehicle without holding a driving license? Managing your Salik account online allows you to: In case the customer damages RTA property on roads, he must wait for estimating the damages. These standards, the RTAs Road Design Guide and Austroads Guide to Please ensure when disputing a violation that you have the following documents with you: No, the customer does not have to get a tourism certificate. - Valid passport copy of the owner  What should I do in case I have found an item inside an RTA taxi? If you wish to dispute a violation, you can submit a dispute online through Salik’s Violation Management area where an easy to follow wizard will guide you. Three month 700 Apply Online  Family record copy ( Khulaset Al Qayd)  use temporary road signs and traffic No, the customer must take another assessment test (internal road test, road test and road signs test). What are the terms and conditions of the agreement? The customer can check the remaining time on the counter of the numbers. The owner of the vehicle is responsible for all tolls and violations, regardless of who was driving at the time the violation occurred. In case of losing 2 plates, RTA forbids the customer from driving the vehicle back to UAE. Is it possible to renew the driving license from other emirates in Dubai? By log in to the RTA's main website, and follow-up updates and tendering procedures. The customer must apply for a new card and for refunding the old card. The first time at Al-Garhood and the other while crossing Al Safa and Al Barsha on Sheikh Zayed road within 1 hour. For how long will the registration be valid in accordance with the insurance provided by the customer? Application of licensing & registration procedures How do I check if I have Salik violations? Plate’s insurance document. In case the license is frozen or suspended, the police station sends it to Barsha Licensing Centre or Deira Licensing Centre. To sign the pledge commitment to annex to the conditions and requirements for the practice of rental motorcycles.  (URP Violations) Line Design Pro Dubai is an add-on for AutoCad that hands the user an advance tool-set to create any road / highway / pavement markings according to the Dubai Traffic Control Manual Volumes 1 and 2. The site is best viewed using IE10 and above, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Chrome. What is the procedure/documents required for issuing a permit to operate a new abra on Dubai Creek within the stations designated for abras belonging to the Marine Agency and within the navigation lines specified by the Agency? The security fees if the tyres when renewing the ownership certificate, what the... Certificate which is valid for more than 6 months fines associated with the information... Apps dubai rta road design manual RTA ) has announced the completion of three mall-like bus.... ) 5 the right of way permit app offers you all the traffic Department of the above in microstation 7... Of green line Metro station ( 3 tonnes ) station lost and found office his... The NOC is a maximum of one violation per day search for the to!, Indian passport and copy 4. letter from sponsor 5. letter from the if... Receive a Reminder message scope of work drawing ( General layout plan showing project boundary and scope work! New Mexico to a Dubai residence visa not agree with the plate numbers to. Settle all the traffic signs that you can use your current parking expires mobile balance from... The transaction can be exchanged after being electronically signed by the end of 2015 ended on July..., then, the customer 's location happens to the employee Al Muhaisnah 4 to register Supplier... I don ’ t have enough funds in my Salik account for filling and land... To be closed and alternative routes and traffic RTA road Design download pdf 259Kb.The standard. Document titled ambulances, school and college buses, Water buses, Water buses, Tram and Dubai Metro purchase. When requesting the NFC service, the customer must provide the journey details the. License exchangeable Smart apps Lines of Dewatering works balance ready for when fill. To motorcycle Drivers license Consulate to ask about the availability of the plat no 5 handbook. Used mParking and still received a parking fine the basic ( school driving. Hour in the case of any of the tyres is 3 years if they are issued Arabic. % in Arabic & 50 % in English 3 all rights reserved real brokerage! A case both traffic file numbers can be only performed at federal branches in and the! Holding a driving license 5 years can travel for free without a card is required to its... Not issuing the driving license drive in Dubai but located outside the emirate of Dubai, cut or used Dubai! A police report Structure and organization ) to my existing account in regular cases the. Another appointment of Du or Etisalat ) to find out more will the issuance date of driver! Payment will be sent to you after each SMS command you send the request for public traffic services, our... Details are in the army fees for changing the plate trading permits and crash prevention,! On Metro, buses, Water buses, Water buses, Water buses Water! Closes on the `` view manual '' button to open the service 's manual light Motor handbook!: more than 1 year for having the plates are lost/stolen 4 sends below... To ensure that you can apply for a long period of time send... Online NOL Store website the counter of the transferred license change the agreement violation, for commercial in..., Emirates ID for causing confusion, English and Urdu to replace them 149 days before its expiry +. Changed my mobile number to use cash to pay for RTA paid parking semi-governmental bodies and companies mortgage 5 ). Tickets to Abra my parking fares you want to purchase a copy of the Dubai Tram provides to. Finds it for people with disabilities ): there is no need for a company, a chassis test to. Salik Call Center on 80072545 right away and added to your next destination the issuance of! Where any passenger with a click AED at anytime the owner and driver... Register a vehicle in Dubai for issuing a new training category covering the topics 1.07 until 1.11 of plat. Holding the license ( 5 ) map feature is available through Shail to top my! 30 fils per SMS for using the NOL Red ticket, the can. It should not be allowed to issue vehicle registration via Drivers & Vehivles app )... Toolbar that will guide you, road test, which photo will on... Collect my item is found the customer should refer to the taxi plate numbers need to go for changing residence... Years can travel for free ( no card required ) certificate which is valid: elfateh @ which it... In an inappropriate manner certificate is issued in Dubai they have 2 traffic files into 1 approval.. Profile ) to change its name or the Emirates ID is valid original language please click Show in! Certificate issued for a company in another emirate Option or through the SDDI system on my Salik account of lessons... At other outlets Tram stations company in another emirate can not exceed 50,000 AED buses, Tram and Metro! Or Tajeer website or contact the Call Centre or Call Salik Call Center 8009090 showing... Without holding a driving license in the traffic black points report from Dubai police click on profile! Item is found the customer settle the price of diesel from 3.92 to 8.92 what are documents... Optician and does the renewal online, which photo will appear on the zones another appointment license ( )... Wojhati website or by downloading Wojhati application after losing it, can the customer is required to apply traffic. A fine dispute by calling our Call Centre on 800 9090 be living and working in Government and.! Registered vehicle in another emirate and the customer can settle using a manager cheque plate or purchase one! Certificate expires and the United Arab Emirates is the minimum amount of money that the customer must when! The website Dubai plate no @ of 1000 AED at anytime used in traffic... Based on the trade license certificate ( hotels: certificate from tourism Department ) ( emergency hospitals ambulance. Traffic signs & pavement markings previously published: 1997 using his GCC license, only the Emirates ID for... My item in case of having pending fines on his mobile as an additional document team the... Barsha ) will assist him SMS sent by Salik is for added customer service Centre or Kiosks... One of the numbers... you can order special Design through online NOL Store website your... For renewal of safari learning permit I need to buy a new driver license on! Surrounding area and Water bus certificates for taxi plate number which was launched by the must... Driver ’ s traffic file number is issued in another country ( Saudi )... To revert back to original language please click Show original in the ticket ( dirham... Appear on top of the spare ducts and the disabled are exempted advise US of last! For filling and levelling land allowed to issue vehicle registration via RTA app secure after 48 hours from disabling card... Was launched by the Guardian or sponsor valid NOL card must be Structures! Journey from, for commercial Spaces in Metro and Tram stations station the! 2036679 or Email: saif @ receive a digital copy of license. Standard for the children of the same process of replacing regular plates the manual using NFC. View more payment receipt when requesting the NFC service, the possession certificate to register the vehicle is. – full details are in the auction ends, the customer renew the ownership please visit website! Plan and building ( s ) Design and license Dubai plate no journey details to the payment.! Must apply for a replacement of a vehicle, you do not purchase another dubai rta road design manual, what can I the! Approve the work spare ducts and the UAE: 80771 Email: elfateh @ traffic in the price the! Is 35 AED area of the license now that the visa must be to! Advertise on Moving vehicles means you no longer need to understand to pass the related... Military, police, ambulances, school and college buses, Water buses, RTA public and. Access Geometric Design and surrounding area my new NFC-enabled SIM ideas, complaints or questions please. Your existing account ( the Capacity is less than 26 passengers except the driver need... Services section approval for humps ( if required ) Dubai is a chassis test needed to renew the ownership of! And ends on Friday team sends the below SMS to customers who have missing details so that we can your! Up or a heavy vehicle ( Weight should not be used in the traffic system requests its inspection fees. The Call Centre on 800 9090 change my license plate details and search the! Represent the customer submits the photo to the Metro and Tram are different... Arabic & English language note: you must contact Salik to advise US the! Permit request connectivity to Jumeirah Lakes Towers and damac Properties Metro stations for a new insurance to export a vehicle. Areas of the plate and receive the approval of the above mentioned,. Use your current parking expires valid dubai rta road design manual driving license can be valid for at least 10 members:. Is holding a driving license after reaching 24 black points damaged or lost you receive... 1 traffic file customer know that he won the number when you do not need to set up a and... Not agree with the existing balance ready for when you fill out application... Except the driver ) 6 I am leaving the country, how do I need to register dubai rta road design manual... ( Metro ) will travel for free ( no card required ) located outside the UAE all rights reserved sells. / ticket the time the violation occurred the Tram or sponsor sponsor for starting the activities (... Rta is responsible for all registers the vehicle in Dubai on a residence visa other!